“Creating that’s
what we do”

"D|sign is a Luxemburgish based design & Graphic bureau.

We believe that good design is more than ink or pixels on a surface; it is understanding how a message is received and experienced. By identifying the essence of that experience, we can create efficient and interesting communication that is uniquely conceived for each project.

We have intentionally kept our core team small, but are continually building a large network of talent around us, including photographers, motion designers and copywriters. When needed, we assemble the team most suited to handle the task at hand.

We have a wide base of national and international clients that include a variety of corporations, media and cultural institutions. We work across many disciplines including logo design, sketches, business cards, banners, illustrations, identity design and web design. For each project we choose the method that has the most impact.

If you would like to discuss a possible project, or any request you have, please get in touch."

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